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There are three main Game Modes in Dusk.

List of game modes

  • Campaign Mode
  • This mode puts the player against the forces of evil in a 3-episode story.
  • A level select is available, along with a loadout system that allows you to choose the weapons you would like to begin each level with.
  • An additional Intruder Mode is available. Selecting this mode will start you with only your sickles upon entering a new level.
  • Endless Survival
  • This mode will put the player in front and center of wave after wave of enemies.
  • Multiplayer Arena (DuskWorld)
  • This mode offers the chance to go head to head online to battle friends online, where darkness hosts the worst of humanity in surprising new ways.


  • Accessible- The easiest difficulty- meant for people who are new to FPS games.
  • Go Easy- The standard easy difficulty, slower than usual projectiles and enemy damage.
  • I Can Take It- Medium difficulty. Recommended for first playthroughs.
  • Cero Miedo- Hard. Enemies are faster (especially leathernecks), hit harder and armour effectiveness is decreased. Recommended for twitch shooter veterans.
  • Duskmare- A bonus challenge mode of sorts. One hit and you're out- including bites from rats.


Unfortunately, there is no actual trace of mimes, mimettes, squirt mimes or any list of other mime variants in any difficulty setting or game mode. While there was no evidence of any mime-like activity to be placed within the game, it'd be pretty cool to have a funny little mime walkin' around, right?