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Health 5500
Attack damage
(Cero Miedo)
Riveter: 100 + explosion
Mortar: 50 + explosion
Shotgun: 60 (6 pellets)
Assault Rifle: 24
Level E3M10

Short description[edit | edit source]

Jakob also known as the Cult Leader, is the penultimate boss encountered in The Nameless City, and the secondary antagonist in the game. His voice can be heard throughout the game as he taunts the player. He appears exclusively in E3M10: Dusk and serves as one of two bosses in the level. Jakob is the leader of The Cult and is apparently omniscient. Jakob's boss theme is Keepers of the Gate.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He appears as a man with black hair, white skin, and the Cult symbol on his forehead. He is dressed in a brown coat, grey pants, and brandishes a Super Shotgun.

Encounter[edit | edit source]

Upon starting E3M10, Jakob will say to the player, "We're waiting." After successfully activating the portal and gearing up, the player will be teleported to an arena where Jakob stands at the opposite end, his back turned and surrounded by a forcefield of green energy. He then makes a short speech to the player: "At last... you've finally arrived. You shall be my final test." Once he is finished, the boss battle begins. If the player shoots jakob with the crossbow through the energy field, jakob immediately cancels his dialouge and begins the bossfight

Tactical Analysis[edit | edit source]

Jakob moves at a relatively fast pace compared to other bosses before him. He moves around the arena by bunny hopping, which can make him difficult to hit at times. Jakob is also capable of switching between different weapons, including the Shotguns, Super Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Mortar, and Riveter. Jakob's attacks, combined with his speed and health pool of 5500, make him a formidable opponent.

Jakob has several different attacks. These include:

  • Three-round burst shot from a Riveter
  • Burst fire from a Mortar
  • Multiple successive shots from an Assault Rifle (usually six)
  • Shots fired from dual Shotguns (usually three to four)

These attacks change seemingly at random, though Jakob tends to use different weapons depending on proximity to the player.

Playing against Jakob is similar to playing against an opponent in Duskworld, with the exception of the boosted health and differing attack patterns. The main trick to beating Jakob is to move at the same pace that he does. Bunny hopping and strafe jumping will allow the player to dodge most of his attacks, however this must be done continuously throughout the fight in order to have an advantage. If using explosive weapons, prediction is key to landing a successful hit. Strong weapons like the Riveter and Mortar will deplete Jakob's health quickly, however ammo will be used up quickly if the player is not careful.

Upon lowering Jakob's health to 500, six Cultists will appear and start throwing fireballs at him while screaming "Unworthy!" to finish him off. Jakob will yell out to his traitorous disciples and attempt to shoot back at them, but ultimately fails. After killing him, both Jakob and the Cultists will explode into a shower of gibs. With Jakob defeated, the stairway to Nyarlathotep's arena opens.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

Jakob's voice is heard throughout multiple levels in the game, where he either taunts the player or gives hints to the story:

  • "Kill the intruder." (E1M1, upon starting the level)
  • "My pet! You'll pay for that..." (E1M3, after killing Intoxigator)
  • 'Hmm... Impressive." (E1M6, after the big fight)
  • "They were... unworthy." (E1M7, after killing The Duke Brothers)
  • "Are you prepared for what's next?" (E1M10, before entering the boss arena)
  • "This... is only the beginning." (E1M10, after exiting the level)
  • "Where do you think you're going?" (E2M1, after successfully acquiring the final key)
  • "Another sacrifice." (E2M3, upon entering the machine)
  • [Cut] "He's in the machine, STOP HIM!" (E2M4, Entering the red key door chamber)
  • "Kill him." (E2M4, upon opening a room with three meat grinders and several Cultists)
  • "Why follow... when you can lead?" (E2M4, before reaching the exit)
  • "Go on. Take it. Taste the power." (E2M5, upon finding the Serum of Blistering Heat)
  • "With his sparks, we take from men that which has never been taken before." (E2M8, after dropping down into a maintenance pipe hatch)
  • "Do you see now? Do you understand?" (E2M8, after opening the gate that leads to the exit)
  • "He drove them out, and invited us in." (E2M9, Overlooking the bottomless bone pit)
  • "I was not afraid" (E2M9, overlooking the partial-spiral stairs)
  • "laughter Most impressive!" (E2M10, after defeating The Guardian)
  • "laughter I knew you'd come." (E3M1, after falling out of the portal)
  • "Embrace the darkness." (E3M4, after falling and breaking your flashlight)
  • "The closer they got, the more they suffered." (E3M4, upon entering the torture chamber)
  • "laughter Welcome home. continued laughter" (E3M7, upon starting the level)
  • "Look at all we've done together" (E3M7, upon picking up the yellow key)
  • "Welcome back." (E3M8, upon starting the level)
  • "So small... so powerless." (E3M8, upon entering a room with scaled-up props)
  • "Show us that you are worthy." (E3M9, before entering the teleporter into the arena)
  • "Excellent, you may come to us." (E3M9, before exiting the level via blue portal)
  • "We're waiting." (E3M10, upon finding the portal)
  • "laughter At last... you've finally arrived. You shall be my final test." (E3M10, before starting his boss battle)
  • "No! You can't betray me! MY DISCIPLES!" (E3M10, upon being brought down to 500 health)

Jakob's laughter can be heard multiple times throughout the game as well.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Jakob is voiced by Andrew Hulshult, the composer of DUSK's soundtrack.