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Health 2000
Attack damage
(Cero Miedo)
50 (Cero Miedo)
Attack type Melee
Level E3M8

Littleneck is a boss that appears in The Nameless City. It is encountered through a secret in E3M8: As Above, So Below and appears as a smaller version of the Leatherneck.

Encounter[edit | edit source]

In one of the latter segments of E3M8, the player will walk into a room full of scaled-up props which prompts the Mysterious Voice will say to the player, "So small, so powerless...". After fighting off the enemies in that particular room, there is a wall that can be opened up, revealing a secret. Upon picking up the items in the secret area, another wall will open in front of the player, revealing Littleneck.

Tactical Analysis[edit | edit source]

Littleneck's behavior is identical to that of the Leatherneck, with a slight speed increase and a reduction in physical size. The boss has 2000 health, making it one of the easier bosses to fight in the game. Like the Leatherneck, Littleneck's attacks are all melee-oriented and cannot deal damage from a distance. As long as the player does not get too close to the boss's melee range, it can be easily defeated through continuous fire from an Assault Rifle or a few shots from a Riveter.