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<!-- TO EDIT MAIN PAGE CONTENT, see "Templates used on this page" below and edit:
<!-- This is a responsive front page design that adapts to the available width
* Dusk Wiki/Top section
of the browser by showing content in 1, 2, or 3 columns.
* Dusk Wiki/Flex section
* Dusk Wiki/Bottom section
This is donea bybasic dividingresponsive thefront mainpage contentdesign ofthat adapts to the pageavailable intowidth fourof numberedthe browser by sections.
rearranging the sections themselves as well as content within each section. When narrow, the three sections
When the window is narrow, as on low-res displays, the content is displayed in a
line up vertically in a single column. inWhen order:wide 1enough, 2,the 3,middle (flex) section is pulled out to become a 4
Section 3 takes up the right column.
Much of the layout and appearance is determined through styles defined in these pages:
When the window is medium, as on medium-res displays, there are two columns.
* MediaWiki:Hydradark.css (for the desktop view)
Section 1 and 2 are on top with 1 on the left and 2 on the right.
* MediaWiki:Mobile.css (for the mobile view)
Sections 3 and 4 are on the bottom with 4 at the left and 3 at the right.
When the window is wide, as on high-res displays, there are three columns.
Sections 1 and 4 take up the left column, with section 1 on top.
Section 2 takes up the middle column.
Section 3 takes up the right column.
Or, visually...
Narrow Medium Wide
|1| |1| |2| |1| | | | |
[2| |4| |3| | | |2| |3|
|3| |4| | | | |
<div id="mf-home" class="fpmainfpcontent">
<div classid="fpsection1fptopsection"><!-- BEGIN SECTIONTOP 1SECTION -->
{{:Dusk Wiki/Top section}}
<div classid="fpsection2fpflexsection"><!-- BEGIN SECTIONFLEX 2SECTION -->
{{:Dusk Wiki/Flex section}}
<div classid="fpsection3fpbottomsection"><!-- BEGIN SECTIONBOTTOM 3SECTION -->
{{:Dusk Wiki/Bottom section}}
{{:{{SITENAME}}/Section 1}}
</div><!--END SECTION 1-->
<div class="fpmidsections"><!--BEGIN LAYOUT WRAPPER FOR SECTIONS 2 and 3-->
<div class="fpsection2"><!-- BEGIN SECTION 2 -->
{{:{{SITENAME}}/Section 2}}
</div><!--END SECTION 2-->
<div class="fpsection3"><!-- BEGIN SECTION 3 -->
{{:{{SITENAME}}/Section 3}}
</div><!--END SECTION 3-->
<div class="fpsection4"><!-- BEGIN SECTION 4 -->
{{:{{SITENAME}}/Section 4}}
</div><!--END SECTION 4-->
<div class="nomobile" style="text-align: right;"><small>Main page sections: [[/Section 1|1]] &#183; [[/Section 2|2]] &#183; [[/Section 3|3]] &#183; [[/Section 4|4]]. Changes for the main page can be proposed [[{{SITENAME}}/editcopy|here]]. </small></div>
<metadesc>The comprehensiveofficial community generated wiki resourcesource forof theinformation for gameDusk!</metadesc>
<div class="nomobile" style="text-align: right; margin-right: 10px;"><small>Main page sections: [[Dusk Wiki/SectionTop 1section|1Top]] &#183; [[Dusk Wiki/SectionFlex 2section|2Flex]] &#183; [[/SectionDusk 3|3]] &#183; [[Wiki/SectionBottom 4section|4Bottom]]. Changes for the main page can be proposed [[{{SITENAME}}Dusk Wiki/editcopy|here]]. </small></div>
[[Category:{{SITENAME}}Dusk Wiki| ]]


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